Friday, August 6, 2010

Unprecedented Cruelty

There are some in life who are simply a complete disgrace to humanity. To possess such a lack of empathy and compassion is simply mind baffling. I had initially believed that I was not a very good person. My moral grounds are somewhat shifted, to say the least, and the only few virtues I have are consistency and integrity. While I knew some people were just cruel, I guess I never expected to experience it first hand.

To toy with someone's emotions so much and then laugh it off in the end. This is simply the essence of cruelty. Pure deceit and deception masked with such deliberate elaboration. A game to the deceiver, but a matter of life-and-death to the victim. Lies piled upon lies with no remorse or guilt. A complete and distinct lack of compassion of any sort.

Yes. There exists such a person. Someone who fabricates everything. Someone who lies about her location, her descent, her talents, her emotions, her very nature, and even her name. Someone who had betrayed my utmost trust.

My word of advice? Be wary and thread very carefully. For humanity can be very, very evil.

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