Thursday, September 11, 2008

Breach (2007)

I was just able to watch the film, Breach and I must say it was a pretty decent spy movie. It is nowhere near the calibre of the Bourne series but then again, they are of a different genre and Breach was based off a true story. Breach is, as it name suggests, about a severe compromise in the US National Security. The story is about the man who was posted to work under the antagonist and the events that follow.

The film starts off with it's conclusion. The man who caused what is considered the biggest breach in the US National Security has been arrested. This film is a pretty straight film that does not explore any values or philosopical ideas. At least that's how I saw it, I was no doubt, entertained by the film but it's not going to stay in my head for a very long time because there's nothing to think about. It's like a story where you just want to hear the ending because it's interesting but it won't stay in your head since there's no morals or values to harp on.

After I watched this film, I went to the imdb forums like I always do. A topic titled "Don't you feel a little sorry for him?" caught my interest. The poster of this topic started off about how he/she knew that the film was meant to portray some sympathy for the antagonist and then went on about knowing the facts that he was a bastard who sold national secrets for money etc. Now, here's where the topic will start to take a turn for the retard express. This is exactly what was written, "However when I read that he spends 23 hours a day in solitary confinement, I was horrified. Here is a man who knows that he will have only 1 hour a day of human contact for the rest of his life. All for what? For violation of the Espionage Act which he pled guilty to." Jesus Christ! Are you retarded? This guy sold NATIONAL secrets to another country and you think that 23 hours a day of solitary confinement is too much? He endangered the lives of the entire NATION (which has more than 300 million people). He sold secrets like where the entire congress would be hidden during a state of national emergency. Please think of the disastrous possibilities and results if the Russians decided to attack America! You are weighing the possible damage of hundreds of millions of lives vs ONE man's social needs. Not to mention the man was responsible for the potential risk.

Stuff like this really lead me to think that some people are really total dumbasses. Their rationalization skills fall below zero and their scale of priorities is like a car opposite a baby.


Miao said...

"... their scale of priorities is like a car opposite a baby." Sorry but this sentence is very incoherent to me.

Coro said...

It doesn't make sense? I guess my metaphors need work. I was actually referring to a weight scale where a car is opposite a baby, hence a major difference.