Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Children (2006)

I started off watching this movie with semi-high expectations. I was a little bit disappointed but it is still worth the watch if you have the time. "Little Children" is a film that suggests adults behave like little children and it's just that we don't notice it. In a way, "Little Children" managed to do that, illustrating relative examples without being too exaggerative. I personally felt the movie could have been a little shorter, some scenes didn't seem to have any strong significance. You can understand why that scene was there if you think about it, but wnen it doesn't come across with much strength. Because of this, the movie felt a little drawn out and boring. Having said that, this movie still has many merits, such as being able to paint it's main message subtlely and intelligently. The best part of this movie is the climax. It ends with a strong moral and it was very well done.

"Little Children" focuses on a group of characters. A distressed husband and wife, both feeling detached from their real spouses. An affair between them occurs when they meet and the story pretty much unfolds from there. There are some pretty good side plots, intelligently intertwined with the main story. One good example that managed to portray our immmature behavior is the plot revolving the paedophile. Jackie exposed himself to a minor few years ago and now he's back on the streets. Jackie is actually a good man, he is just mentally ill. He realizes this and desperately wants help but everyone around him shuns because of his past. In a way, this example relates to children shunning another "nerd child" or another kid who is deemed weird by the others. I won't go into the exact details, but any viewer with a brain can easily see this relation in the movie.

"Little Children" has a decent cast, no big stars but good enough. The acting wasn't really commendable, there are a couple of distracting moments for me when I watching "Little Children" because of the acting. It's not really a big deal though, most of it still pulls through. Overall, I'd rate "Little Children" 7/10.

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