Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our personal character

Most people believe they know a lot about their own character and when asked a question like "Do you believe in achieving the impossible?", their response would be in relation with the kind of person they are, or so they believe. I, however, believe that majority of the people have no idea what kind of person they are. Even if they believe themselves to be of certain character, this characteristic often contradicts another characteristic of theirs or sometimes, the very same characteristic they believe they have. I know at this point, you are probably thinking, "What rubbish are you spewing out now?!". Don't worry, I will elaborate or try to anyway.

Back on to the question on "Do you believe in achieving the impossible?". If yes, let's assume you have achieved the impossible by constructing a unbreakable wall but since you believe in the impossible, you also believe that this wall can be broken down which in turn relates to the wall not being unbreakable afterall. This in itself is already a contradiction as the unbreakable wall theory cannot be solved without breaking apart the question. Now, what happens if you say no? You will have to ask yourself what you believe is impossible. Is it truly impossible or it just hasn't been done before which leads you to think it is impossible? Right now, flight without any aerial gadgets seems impossible to most of us but who knows? Maybe tomorrow one man will have discovered a way to start flying around like Superman.

Someone once told me that he believed that nothing is impossible and then he also told me that he does not believe in absolution. Do you see this contradiction?

It is when we face these questions about ourselves that are difficult to answer that we grow stronger. If there's a contradiction, we must stand on one side. It does not matter which side you stand on, but it matters that you take a stand. As such, we will be able to affirm ourselves in a more solid state of characteristics that allow us to make decisions that don't go against our own principles.

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