Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wall-E (2008)

I have always wanted to watch this Pixar animation film because of the high reviews and ratings that commended it. I am usually very cautious when it comes to animation as they are usually aimed towards the younger generation. This being said, I had high expections of Wall-E. I was able to watch Wall-E a few days ago and it would be an understatement to say that it met my expections because it certainly exceeded what I had in mind.

The movie follows Wall-E, a robot who was left on Earth to organize our garbage. The human race has shifted to live in space on a spaceship, named "Axiom", because we have polluted Earth to the point where the land can no longer support life. The species of Wall-E robots were created as an effort to organize and clear the rubbish so we can repopulate Earth again when the time is right. Wall-E is a 700 year old robot which has outlasted everything, including his own race of robots, and has developed a unique personality. Not forgetting the purpose he was created for, he ventures out everyday in solitude to organize and clear the rubbish. However, that all changes when another robot is sent from Axiom to check Earth for signs of life. Wall-E immediately takes a liking to this robot, named "Eve", and follows it everywhere, even through space.

This film easily captured my heart using a very effective portrayal of innocent romance and friendship. The development between Eve and Wall-E was endearing from start to end. Both robots, created to serve their own purpose, were shown to explore many aspects of new emotions that surfaced to them since they met. Pixar was able to effectively express their robotic feelings without being too unrealistic. Wall-E also throws in concepts about the future of the human race and our over-reliance on technology. It shows how our increased reliance and convenience can make us overlook the simpler things in life which we repeatedly fail to appreciate.

Wall-E is the best animated film I have seen so far. I personally rate it a 10/10 simply because I liked it so much and cannot see how it could have been better.


Miao said...

Since you like the movie so much, you should get the original DVD.

You forgot to point out that it also warned of the perils of over-indulgent consumerism.

Animations often deliver messages that can be very well appreciated by people across all age groups.

Coro said...

Unfortunately, I don't think the original DVD is out and I wouldn't be able to keep it anyway. I did watch it a second time in a cinema though and I honestly wouldn't mind watching it a 3rd time.

Most animations, like Open Season, A Bug's Life and many others, fail to deliver their messages effectively. I mean, that is if there was even a message anyway, they usually indulge in factors like the "cuteness" of the creatures and poor humor.

I personally don't think the movie was trying deliver a message on humans' excessive diet. I think they were all fat because they didn't do any exercise. You'd think by then, society would be able to create a perfect meal that doesn't increase the likelihood of diseases and fattiness.