Wednesday, September 10, 2008

House of Sand and Fog (2003)

First of all, if you enjoy meaningful gritty dramas, stop reading now and go watch this film. Rent it, download it, buy it, whatever it is, do yourself a favor and watch this incredible film.

The premise is about a woman who is wrongfully evicted from her house and ends up having conflicts with the new house owner who profits by buying up siezed property. The film starts off slow but keeps you hooked by absorbing you into the many problems that the characters face. These characters resemble normal daily people with some of them bearing very likable qualities and and each of their situations are equally sympathetic as none of these characters are truly at fault.

This film explores many values and points such as the extent of actions that one will do for their loved ones. The film also manages to show how one minor mistake could lead to another mistake which eventually snowballs to a tradegy. There is a huge list of things that I can go on about here but doing so would inevitably reveal the plot. I don't wish to ruin the movie for people who has not seen it so please, and once again, do yourself a favor and watch this remarkable film.

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