Tuesday, September 9, 2008

On National Service

National Service, a full-time commitment required of the male citizens in Singapore. The Singapore Armed Force (SAF) are split into two categories of people, the regulars and the NSFs. Most of the NSFs are simply put, the involuntary slaves of the nation while the regulars are people who signed on to be full-time members of the SAF. What boggles my mind is how could they possible hope to achieve anything when majority of their force are governed by fat (unfit) and downright stupid people? I would even go as far as to call them borderline retards. While I admit I could be biased towards NS for robbing 2 years of my precious youth away from me, the undeniable fact that the lower to middle workforce spectrum of the SAF are completely filled with idiots is appalling.

Most of the SAF regulars sloth around and talk like they know what they are doing but if you asked them to describe their job in detail, they would most likely end up mumbling and stuttering, hoping that somehow they can convince you they have a important and respected job. The sad thing is that these regulars hold a certain amount of authority and they tend to use it to exert their own workload on the NSFs or vent their pathetic and pitiful frustrations. The worst part is that most of them believe themselves to be very capable and experienced. I ask, experienced in what? In making pointless and irrelevant speeches in broken english? Or coming up with unentertaining fart jokes? I honestly can't wait to complete my service and be done with these bumbling fools. Just imagine having to work for superiors who can't even count past 10. If you can't imagine yourself in such an abominable situation, a direct equivalent of which is smashing your head as hard as you can against a rock solid wall.

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