Friday, September 26, 2008

Oldboy (2003)

To call "Oldboy" a revenge film would be appropriate, but to call it just that would be a massive understatement. "Oldboy" doesn't focus on the aspect of damage escalation that typical revenge films usually focus on. Rather, it focuses on the reasons for revenge.

"Be it a grain of sand or a rock, in water they sink the same"

This line sums up most of what "Oldboy" is about. However, don't discredit it just because it doesn't have a complex theme. Other good movies may explore multiple aspects effectively but "Oldboy" hits you with it's moral like a truck. It also puts you at the edge of your seat throughout the film. As it slowly peel away the skins of a well layered mystery, you finally realize the captivating yet brutal essence of the film.

"Oldboy" revolves around Oh Daesu. Our protagonist was kidnapped on his way back from work and locked up in a room. He wasn't told the reason why or how long he was going to be locked up. As a result, he lived day by day, bordering on the brink of insanity. Finally after 15 long years, he was released. The film starts from there, where Oh Daesu pursues the reason as to why he is locked up with frightening determination and perseverance and ultimately convicts the man responsible.

This film is among my favorites. It is the best foreign film I have ever seen and one of the best in its genres, up there with the likes of "The Prestige". While I cannot recommend this film to everyone since it is rather disturbing, I can safely say that people who have no problem with dark films will definitely enjoy this. In my opinion, Oldboy is a 10/10.

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